Welcome to the part of my site where I talk about what I have done and can do in tabletop game.

I am a freelance game designer and developer. I have worked on quite a few mass games, you can find games I’ve worked on at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and just about every hobby store.

If you are looking for someone to consult with, collaborate with, or make a game for you, please reach out to me at saiketng at gmail.


I got my start in tabletop at Forrest-Pruzan Creative / Funko Games as a part time tester / developer for one year before becoming a full time designer for another three years. In that time I’ve worked on ~100 games spanning from $6.99 Christmas games aimed at ages 4+ to the upcoming legacy game Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar.

The biggest project I was part of was the designing and running testing for Funkoverse line, it consists of over 20 different sets that can be played by themselves or combined with other sets. 


Here are some of the services I offer.

  • Running different types of playtests
  • Development
  • Puzzles
  • Collaboration
  • Bridging mass and hobby
  • Accessibility 
  • Rule Books
  • Copy Editing
  • Research
  • Art Direction
  • Continuing existing lines
  • Working with IPs

I have a broad set of skills that I can bring to a project. Some of the highlights include continuing existing lines, property integration, and a broad range.

My work with Funkoverse and a few other lines of games at Funko have given me a lot of experience in developing games using an existing system. It requires a careful balance of finding new design space, determining which parts of a system can be played with and which are load bearing, managing content burn, and making sure each set has a unique feel.

Almost every game I’ve been involved in has been based on a popular property. I have a lot of experience balancing the need to make the game feel highly thematic, the need to hit a specific audience, price point, and retailer, and any additional special needs from the IP owner.

Finally, I have made games that span the range of age and complexity. I’ve spent years ripping out mechanics I love and adding systems and components to already perfectly balanced games, all to hit the specific audience. This has made me good at making games that other people love, even if they aren’t something I would normally play.

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