Ludum Dare 34

This last weekend in Seattle we hosted many of our local developers for Ludum Dare 34.

To see all the teams in action the talented Sash Retief has uploaded pictures he has taken over the weekend to his gallery

Here are all the games presented at this game jam, if the Ludum Dare post lacks identification or contact information it has been included underneath.


Sentient Sewage

Blake O’Hare


A clever game game the revolves around deforming water to knock around bricks of chlorine, It’s a striking visual style and fairly slick, and seriously he should wear gloves.

Also worth noting that this is written in Crayon, a language created by Blake.


Need for Seed

Bilgem Cakir


A simple platformer, jump around dodging giant mutated crows and collecting seeds. Written entirely in about 600 lines of C++


Racing Enthropy


Eliot Hemmingway


A procedurally generated puzzle game. The player places different elements on the ground to contain disasters and help a plant grow it’s way to the goal.

Marble Tree


Semih Energin, Sergio Paolantonio, Leo Langinger, Carl Craig Juarez


A slick puzzle game that involves building a tree of marbles from the top down under some constraints.




A game that works best with a touch screen, you must maneuver your character around the field dodging enemies and collecting food.

This was created by our two youngest jammers, Nate and De Ford, 9 years old.




A local multiplayer VR game for the Vive. One player is planting flowers with a slingshot from a tower while the other is cutting them down.


Ritchie Thai


Evie Powell



Yonas Berhe



Louis Graham Vichy


Ket Ng





A puzzle game in the form of a platformer. The player has limited energy that they must spend on various modes of movement to get to the end.


The Implausible Zone


A simple RPG maker.  Has good music, a great voiceover, and some solid humor.


Kingdom by the Sea

Jesse Freeman



You have to develop your kingdom in this procedural turn based puzzler. This is made difficult because you game is limited to the life of one monarch, which is a variable amount of time.


Super Holiday Snake

In this game you try to be the last elf standing in this arena containing an ever growing snake.


The game also contains websprockets for local multiplayer and drop in play.


Sushi Pit Cephalopod

In this game you control a tentacled sushimaster. Ideally you play this game with 4 controllers with each tentacle being controlled by a stick but you can also use the keyboard. The goal is to coordinate your tentacles to knock the sushi over a pit to your assistant.

Interstate 34

Livio De La Cruz


In this game you race down the track and knocking aside smaller cars while avoiding larger ones.



Andrew McPherson



Clear weeds, plant seeds, harvest crops, and sell them at the market. This game pretty much has it all.




Two buttons and the mouse, this is a clever game that ties your health, the game speed, and your ammo to a single resource


Vice Grip

A simple platformer with some good jumping puzzles and a final boss fight.


Super Secret Self Aware Desert Dash


You take the role of an escaped BigDog speeding down a Nevada highway and fending off your pursuers with a growing bag of secrets.



An interesting idea executed well, a simple choice between X and Y. This may not be your game if you are squeamish.

Zoom Zoo

Nick Cooper


A 4 player local multiplayer racing game with power ups, all for the low price of 8 keys.


A special thank you to Tree of Audio for helping so organizing up and helping so many different teams with their audio.


Evan WItt



Leo Langinger


Carl Juarez


Individuals winners with their prizes


Nate Buck With Sushi Pit Cephalopod:  Fire TV Gaming Edition‎

Livio De La Cruz Fire TV

Blake O’Hare Fire TV



Dryad For First

Melissa Second

Racing Enthropy Third

Marble Tree ChronosVR


None of this would have been possible without our wonderful sponsors


SURF Incubator

Amazon Appstore

Wimmer Solutions


Chronos VR

Stress Ninja


Pulpo Games

Stumbling Cat

Verge of Brilliance

Archive Entertainment





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